Visions for Educational Leadership

The Visions for Educational Leadership (VfEL) project, led by a team of researchers at Heythrop College, University of London with the collaboration of the Catholic Education Service (CES), sought to build the theological and ethical capacity of existing and emerging leaders in Catholic schools in England and Wales. From 2012 to 2014 the project employed theological action research processes  working with more than one hundred school leaders from seven dioceses: Westminster, Southwark, Plymouth, Menevia, Birmingham, Lancaster and Hexham & Newcastle. In keeping with theological action research methods,  qualitative data was collected form over 70 individual interviews, and from focus groups  from the dioceses. The data was reflected on by both the academic researchers at Heythrop, and the Schools Leaders themselves, individually and in groups. A final colloquium of major stake holders took place 4th-6th November 2016, at the National Centre for Teaching and Learning, Nottingham. The report on the colloquium can be found here.

Five thematic papers, incorporating some of the regional data are available on this site:

Visions for Educational Leadership Research Team: 

  • Dr. James Sweeney CP
  • Dr. Clare Watkins
  • Mrs. Margaret Buck
  • Dr. Robert Ivermee