Marriage Care / Plater Trust project

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Plater Trust funded project: Catholic Marriage Care

The most recent and ongoing project using the participative and transformative research methods of TAR has been a Plater Trust [] funded project. Since it began in September 2015, Roehampton University and Catholic Marriage Care    [] have been making great strides in helping the charity (which specialises in marriage preparation and counselling) deepen its understanding of what it means to be a characteristically Catholic charity in a society which has in recent decades witnessed vast cultural changes in marriage and family life. [].

Dr Clare Watkins and Dr Martine Thompson are continuing to work alongside Marriage Care implementing plans and assisting in the practical changes to the charity and the renewal of its work, mainly in the area of formation, in the development of resources for disseminating the research to Marriage Care volunteers. Dr Watkins, Dr Thompson and Dr John Moxon are currently working on academic articles for publication which will focus on major themes/research outcomes resulting from the project, relating those themes to the wider Church in the current context, with particular concern for integrating Catholic Social Teaching into these reflections.


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