Theological action research training day for doctoral students and researchers: 25th September 2019

This training is designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to embark on their own theological action research project.  

The next available date for this training is January 6th 2021. Booking details.

Participant Feedback

“The amazing part was the idea of participating in the discussion, the structure of speaking in a circle made the presentations engage with me at my level.”

“I was very interested in attending as we’re working on a PAR (participatory action research) project currently. Its always been an area of great interest beyond reach (due to busyness of existing projects) so very glad to be doing it now. Three key insights: analysis using a holy reading approach, the process of collectively settling on a research question, not looking for recommendations. It was a great structure, content and delivery. So refreshing to avoid ‘death by powerpoint’. And to have you both team teach. The workbook was fab – thank you!”

“[It has] increased [my ]knowledge of [the] practicalities of running a TAR research project.”

“I think it challenged me to engage in more conversations with others who are engaged in TAR.”

Three key insights: “Allowing data to become gift, the 4 voice framework as a route into the movement of God’s spirit, and the contribution that any piece of PT (practical theological) research can bring.”