List of Publications

List of Publications


Please see below a work-in-progress list of publications from the original theological action research team. If you know of, or have come across any works, articles etc. in the area of theology and action research, please do email Dr Thompson:



The basic textbook setting out these methods is: H Cameron, D Bhatti, C Duce, J Sweeney & C Watkins Talking About God in Practice. Theological Action Research and Practical Theology. (London : SCM 2012).


The further development of this methodology can be seen in the following publications, among others:

J Sweeney “Practical Theological Research: a case study” Keeping Faith in Practice J Sweeney et al eds. (SCM 2010);

C Watkins “Practical Ecclesiology: what counts as theology in studying the church?” in Ward. P (ed) Perspectives on Ecclesiology and Ethnography (Eerdmans 2012);

Clare Watkins & Helen Cameron “Epiphanic Sacramentality: an example of practical ecclesiology revisioning theological understanding.” in, Scharen, CB (ed) Explorations in Ecclesiology and Ethnography (Eerdmans, 2012);

C Watkins and B Shepherd “The challenge of ‘Fresh Expression’ to ecclesiology: reflections from the practice of Messy Church.” in, Ecclesial Practices 1 (Autumn 2013);

C Watkins “Practising Ecclesiology: From Product to Process. Developing Ecclesiology as a Non- Correlative Process and Practice through the Theological Action Research Framework of Theology in Four Voices” in, Ecclesial Practices 2 (2015) pp 23-39;

C Watkins “Living marriage, learning discipleship, teaching church. The practices of married life as embodied theology for today’s mission.” in, INTAMS Review 2015 /1.

C Watkins “An argument for non-correlational approaches in a Catholic practical theology.” In, Proceedings of the Santiago Group Meeting, Brazil, April 2014. Cahiers Internationaux de Theologie Practique. Actes no. 8 (March 2016) Online publication.

C Watkins “Conversational Methods of Discernment: Learning for Mission from the Domestic Church” in Thomas Knieps-Port le Roi & Aldegonde Brenninkmeijer-Werhahn (eds) Authentic Voices, Discerning Hearts. New Resources for the church on Marriage and Family (LIT Verlag, 2016)

C Watkins “Conversational Methods of Discernment: Learning for Mission from the Domestic Church” (extended and translated into Dutch) in Collationes 2017


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